What is Structural Integration?

structural integration

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a highly effective system of bodywork that blends precision bodywork, movement re-education and conscious dialogue. It can be classified as a system. It can be classified as a form of manual therapy. More so than a system or form of bodywork, it is a way. A way that enables you to become more comfortable in your body and with your body. Today I have chosen to share some of my experience with SI as both a client and as a practitioner.
As a client I received a complete 10 Series twice in 12 months. As I reflect on my experience, the first thought that comes to mind is how little body awareness I had prior to the work. The second thought is how well my body has felt in the 6 months post series. These are some of the changes I have experienced in my body: Heightened body awareness, freedom from tension, ease of movement, improved self-esteem and self-perception, elimination of chronic low back pain. You can just say that I feel better inside and out.

What impresses me the most about the work I received is that the changes have been long-lasting. I feel like my whole body was taken apart and reorganized so I could feel better, move better and play better. I have come to understand that there is an immense relationship between my body and mind. My perpetually tight low back, never hurts and rarely feels tight. When it does feel tight, it is generally the result of physical work. The tension goes away after a day or two and never persists. I am able to feel soft energy flow through my body. SI has empowered me to take control of how I think, feel and move and can also help you do the same.

As a practitioner, I begin to understand the importance of the seeing the body as a unique and ever-changing entity. I understand that every client’s body I work with has different capabilities. I understand that it is my duty to work with a client and not just work on a client to achieve his/her physical goals.

I have witnessed how elders have regained strength in their hands, improved balance, reduced pain and overall better functional movement. I have seen runners improve the quality of their stride which requires less energy expelled from the body resulting in better stamina, easier movement and drastically improved recovery times. I have seen shoulders regain range of motion that was lost because of an injury or a surgery that didn’t heal well. I have seen a drastic reduction of pain and regained movement in just a few sessions. I have also seen how much better clients feel and move after receiving a complete 10 Series. Like myself, clients who complete a 10 Series have more significant changes in their overall structure resulting in longer lasting results.

From my SI experience as the client

I recommend you experience a full 10 Series in your own body. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will learn about movement in your body and how it is affected by gravity. Gravity on earth is a constant force. It is up to us to choose to fight against it or be in harmony with it. From my experience as a practitioner, I recommend SI for you if you have battled with nagging symptoms that are affecting your quality of life. When more well-known therapies like chiropractic or acupuncture or massage have not produced that changes you want to feel in your body, Structural Integration might be exactly what your body needs.

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